Friday, February 25, 2005

The Uncharismatic Frontman

Anyone else notice just how nerdy someone like Rivers Cuomo is? This isn't a knock against him, mind, but if anyone has the good fortune to have a copy of The Lion+Witch EP or has listened to it on Rhapsody (not sure if it's on the other music services), you will notice how Rivers is, with greetings like, "Good morning Tokyo" and weird jokes like, "our new record, Frankie Goes to Hollywood. Ha ha!", quite not full of charisma.

Hearing the Wilco webcast from their first night at the 9:30 Club here in DC told me that it was just limited to Rivers. Jeff Tweedy is kind of shy, is prone to rambling and self deprecation. Really, this kind of behaviour from guys who front awesome bands just gives hope to the rest of us shy and prone-to-ramble nerds who rely on self-deprecating humour to get ourselves over. And for those of you missed it, the webcast from the 2/23 show can be found here, the 2/24 show here, and an NPR interview and in-studio performance here.


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