Sunday, February 13, 2005

Welcome Your New God

Oh, you're all fucked now. Nick invited me for some reason, trusting that I wouldn't go on a huge power trip and throw his ass out of his own blog. For now, I'll let him stay, because he's a good man. However, should he ever piss me off, I'm totally starting a revolution, so stay tuned, it'll be ironic. And hilarious.

ANYWAY, I believe an introduction is in order. My name is David Tveite, I'm a huge music and movie nerd, and I'm way better-looking than your average Minnesotan. No, we don't talk like those fags in Fargo, and I have never tried lutefisk in my entire life. The only things I cook with lye are the eyes of stupid motherfuckers who piss me off. Stay out of my way, keep your head down, and we'll get along just fine. Oh, and don't EVER make fun of new wave music around me if you don't want your head broken.

Thank you, goodnight, and God bless America David Tveite.


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