Monday, February 14, 2005

What's that Lassie? Is Rock in Trouble?!

Will the Bush-hating punk rockers sweep the Grammys?

I've gotta say, I'm getting pretty goddamn sick of this. How many times has rock been saved in the past couple years? The above headline is from the cover of an Entertainment Weekly issue I saw on the shelf of Best Buy yesterday when I was picking up season one of Arrested Development, a Robert Randolph and the Family Band CD, and one of the new Bright Eyes releases.
Before I go into the real meat of this post, I'd just like to point out that "American Idiot" is a fucking fantastic album, and "Bush-Hating Punk Rock" is a retarded way to sum it up, to say the least. There are so many facets to the CD beyond its political aspect that it's absolutely ludicrous to try and sum it up in a way that makes it sound like Sum 41 dropped an attempt at a political statement.
That being said, no matter how good "American Idiot" was, rock didn't need saving when it hit the shelves last September. Nor did rock need saving when Scott Weiland made his return to remind us all what a disgusting metrosexual he is. Nor did rock need saving when the Vines came out with "Highly Evolved." Nor did rock need saving when AFI "led the hardcore punk mainstream takeover" (I fucking swear to God, I'm quoting Rolling Stone there).
You get what I'm saying here, right? Bottom line, rock is just fine. Green Day, rock appreciates your contribution, but don't take it personally if it doesn't owe you its life forever. Ditto to the Vines. As for you, Mr. Weiland, rock says you're a wart on its ass and it wants you to fuck off and die. Take Matt Soram with you, he can keep playing his shitty, repetitive rock beats in Hell.
So stop worrying about rock. Rock is fine, it's not Daphne from Scooby Doo, it can go three episodes without getting kidnapped and (probably) raped. If you really want to save rock, or just music in general, buy a gun and blow Ashlee Simpson's brains out.


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