Monday, March 07, 2005


So, my friends are doing something really cool the night they graduate- getting directly on the road and going to Bonaroo. Yes, the jam band festival that is little more than an excuse to eat a lot of drugs- they'll miss the first night getting there, but it's worth it. Right?

Well, the ticket costs jumped to shy of $200 right now. That's good though. Three full days of music, and camping. That's more than good, that's fair. But prices will probably jump again. And they're only paying for two days. After that, you have to look at who's playing. Of course, when most Bonaroo fans are asked who's playing, they ask you what does it matter, because it's not about who's playing, it's about all the drugs that will be ingested and feeling the magic, man.* My friends would ask "Does anyone else matter except the Mars Volta?"

And unfortunately for them, yes. The headliner for this year is the Dave Matthews Band. The Dave FUCKING Matthews Band. Excuse, me, but what the crap? Not only do they blow, but they're kind of like, the antithesis to Bonaroo. Bonaroo is all about the music, right. Look at who's played- Dylan, Neil Young, Ween, Phish...these are not commercial bands. These are acts, and I'd like to emphasize all the connotations of that word because these guys, well, except Ween, are all about the whole playing in front of an audience deal, these acts are guided by what they'd like to do with music.

Dave Matthews Band is what would result if you wanted to make jam band type music sell well. First off, you have to put them behind a bunch of hippie movements. Then they play at colleges, and market their music specifically to upper class white college kids in Abercrombie who think their four year experience is about going to the best parties, smoking the best grass, and you know...stuff. And then, their sound. You take a bit of laid back groove type music. Then you add in shitty lyrics and throw in some moderately neat sounding guitar riffing. Sprinkle on some generic sounding rhythm section, and bam! Dave Matthews Band.

Seriously? Do they want another Woodstock 99 on their hands?

All the more reason for me not to go, far as I'm concerned.

*Fuck you hippies!


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