Tuesday, March 01, 2005

damage control

When I brought David on, it was for the entertainment value. I didn't know he'd go out and just...oy.

Rupert Randolph fucking blows. I'm tired of running into that overrated name. Look, Rupert Randolph and the Family Band are okay. They're a throwback. They aren' mightily awesome, nor are they mightily original, or mighty anything, except mighty bland! That's right! Mighty. Fucking. Bland.

Oooh, slide guitar! No one's used that in funky ways, or in rock and roll! Wowee! Yes, he does play it pleasantly. No, he shouldn't get lauded for playing his instrument servicably- Jesus, he played Bonaroo, he better know how to be good at his instrument.

To my mind, he's just another Dave Matthews- yeah, it's okay, and I guess it's kinda got its own neat vibe, but it's been done before, and better, so why waste your time on that shit?

And don't even get me started on Jimmy Eat World- how old are those guys? The singer looks like a 35 year old having a mid-life crisis. All they sing about are bullshit high school relationships. Grow the fuck up assholes.

Okay, David, remember when I brought you into EMJ! the first time, to yell at Mettalica fans? Go back to being angry, it was much more entertaining that way.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

you can't spell Metallica, douchebag

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