Saturday, March 12, 2005

on queens and things that rule

Nick Oliveri wants to get back in with Queens of the Stone Age. Nick Oliveri rules. He helped make the Queens, and really, I have no idea what a Queens concert would be like without him. I'm reminded of the Magnet interview with Josh Homme from last summer, where he basically called Oliveri a teenager. And really, you can see that- he gets kicked out of the band, starts running his mouth about it, does a diss track, and then says, "Okay, I'm over being pissed, let's get back together."

This is no knock at Oliveri, mind. It's hope that this situation won't turn out how everyone would expect it to- like anytime an adult acts like a teenager and expects a relationship to just be mended and it's not that simple. Oliveri has said he's been talking with Homme recently, and hopefully he rejoins the band.

I mean, can you imagine a Queens concert without a forty foot tall shadow of the motherfucker screaming "cocaine"?


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