Friday, March 18, 2005

The Unicorns are freaking amazing

So I was at Best Buy last night, carousing and such, and I saw The Unicorns album Who Will Cut Our Hair When We're Gone? Being the adventurous type, I figured, mind as well check it out.

So I put it into my car's stereo, and was blown away. There are lots of ways to describe it. Like Weezer, the Pixies, and old NES game music getting it on and someone getting knocked up; like Ween junior; drugged out alterna-rock; lo-fi pop; but really, there's no clear cut way to accurately pin down the Unicorns without listening to them. The closest my friends and I have gotten is to compare them to their old band Magic Pony, but better. Far better.

And yeah, my friends are hooked on the Unicorns now too. Becuase I sprung it on them today when we were hangning out. In fact, this morning I pulled Sean into my car, and said, "You have to listen to this." I put it on "Sea Ghost", which starts off with a pennywhistle. He agreed that it was awesome, and after school we sprung it on Sam. Sam, normally, does not dig what I dig, musically. But he really dug the Unicorns. And after listening to them, you too will dig them, and possibly want to show them off to other people. Sean made plans to get a copy for himself tonight. Even Adele, who abhors my liking of good music, dug the Unicorns. I mean, she thinks that Simon and Garfunkel didn't butcher "Girl From the North Country." Which they did.

But the Unicorns are completely awesome, a duo with some help from different friends that have put together a wicked colleciton of songs with fascinating instrumentation (courtesey of tape, toy pianos and organs, glockenspiels and other oddball devices), clever lyrics, and fantastic images (the packaging- a softcase in a mylar bag instead of shrinkwrap, has the CD wrapped in an old school paper CD folder, and the cover art is amazing, nevermind their name and the title of the album). Just really great stuff, very worth checking out.So. Go for it.


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