Thursday, April 28, 2005


Along with the syndication/relocation to the Experience, I'm changing the focus of EMJ! a bit, broadening it to make it more of a culture thing than just music (I mean, maybe this will give me an excuse to update it more).

Also, there will be mammoth posts about things weekly to uh, provide more regular content. Since it hasn't quite been regular. This is always a work in progress, though and mind that myself and Tveite have lives.

Now uh, this new direction doesn't mean that all I'll do is talk about bullshit television shows or anything. It means that when I really like something outside of the realm of music, then it'll be noted and filed and the rest of you will have to put up with it. I also would like to take a pledge to be more entertaining coming up.

Whatever. I think I have all of one reader left anyway.

But getting onto more pressing matters, concert reports from the Pixies at Merriweather and Dylan at the Baysox Stadium will be coming after I attend them. Since I'm not going to Bonnarroo but have friends who are, I make have a report from them. I feel like a reporter, or something.

In the pipeline for this weekend: DualDisc, and is it any good? a look at the Rolling Stone article on Weezer; Psychonauts, one of the best video games you might never play; and I might even get around to renting Dig and offering up some opinions on that.

Eat My Justice! soon to be more fortified with vitamin I-RULE than ever.


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