Saturday, April 23, 2005

soapbox derby

I recently posted this in my other blog.

I want to be like Marcus Griel or Lester Bangs. I want rock journalism/music journalism to go back to being about more than "This album is good because it combines genres and is edgy-neato." or "This band spends lots of money on clothes to get a thrift store look instead of going to a thrift store. Buy their album!" That's what the longer post about Dylan and the Hawks was about. I want to return it to a discussion that reflects the quality of the art.

I believe in that wholeheartedly. Maybe Marcus Griel is a bit pretentious, but look- he's ramping up the discussion. He's making it more dangerous, more alive. In a way, this should be as artful as the music it's about. I don't like using italics to emphasize words, I believe the words should speak for themselves. But that "as" is important to me, the emphasis needs to be there. It's the point I'm trying to make. Look at the artists that have been focused on at EMJ: Dylan, The Band, ...And You Will Know Us by The Trail of Dead, I did a lot of pieces on Neil Young back when I was at Twisted Jungle and 411, Weezer, Wilco. These are artists with a lot to say, a lot on their minds. I want to get deep into it.

Just thought I'd say.


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