Saturday, February 12, 2005

release "Time Fades Away"

Help release Neil Young's out of print record Time Fades Away. The album is a concert album, made after Crazy Horse guitarist Danny Whitten's fatal overdose. It predates Tonight's the Night, often regarded as one of Young's greatest and darkest works, and the apocalyptic On the Beach, which was reissued after a petition for its release (but no one knows or gives a damn whether or not it helped, it still makes them feel good). So, here's where you can sign. Cool.

Sorry for the lack of updates- swamped by school. But I've given up now, so that's good. Coming soon: World/Inferno Friendship Society and Murder By Death at Villanova, Pennsylvania.


Blogger thrasher said...

Hi Nick!

Thanks for the post on the petition!

Really appreciate Eat My Justice's support.

Maybe this will make a difference? Probably not, but hey it's nice to know lots of folks appreciate this under-rated classic.

Don't Be Denied,
ps - let me know if you have any items to highlight on Thrashers Blog.

2:54 PM  
Blogger Nick Dukes said...

Hey, no problem, I'd love to hear the album- it's tough being a teenage Neil Young fan sometimes.

And thanks for listing me in your links, man.

6:23 PM  

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